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Our priority is to make available products that can enhance your business and most importantly to work with vendors that are proven to deliver great after sale support. For that reason, we regularly partner with more carefully selected vendors, their products and business solutions, so check regularly for new products.

We offer a well established and wide range of on-premises, cloud and private cloud business software solutions.

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! OptimalQ The Science of Availability

OptimalQ integrates to your outbound dialer, then uses AI and acquired data to tell the dialer which number to call next, increasing connection rates by 20% or more.

For qualified customers we run “free” POC’s to prove our claims. The POC can pay for the initial use so OptimalQ delivers a positive cashflow right from the start.

BPM Workforce Optimization products include:

Workforce Management-WFM.

Are you facing a new reality with agents working from different locations, your inbound call patterns changed, or the need to give agents shorter shifts to keep them employed?

The next generation of cloud Workforce Management for the Contact Centre. Puzzel WFM provides a complete Workforce Management cloud solution. Moreover, it provides accurate forecasting and powerful, optimized, multi-skilled agent schedules. Puzzel WFM enables contact centres’ to deliver an optimal customer experience, while increasing the effuicency of the most expensive contact centre resource – the agents.

  • Puzzle WFM is available on Cloud or installed On Premises
  • Maximise the efficiency of the most expensive asset in your Contact Centre -Your Staff
  • Powerful, easy to use and affordable
  • See why large traditional WFM customers are changing to Puzzle WFM. It’s not just the price
  • The only WFM vendor to prove their ROI with a free pilot system

BPM own brand products: Call Recording, Quality Monitoring, Mobile Recording, CTI, Call Accounting.

  • BPM offers a range of Call Recording, Screen Recording and Quality Monitoring products for Contact Centres and beyond. These market leading solutions are used across the GCC and Africa and in more than 190 countries around the world.
  • Call Accounting solutions whereby organizations can manage phone bills and monitor use by department and by individual users.
  • Outbound Dialler helps to automate outbound calling campaigns. Moreover, it can even automate the whole process with Chat Bots and RPA to interact with the customers, for example, to confirm an upcoming appointment.
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  • AI powered science of availability enhances your dialler to know when to call in order to improve contact rates and reach the caller at the optimal time.

RECORDING MOBILE Phone Business calls

As it is becoming more customary for employees to use their own mobile phones (BYOD) and increasingly working from home (WFH), companies need to be able to record business calls made out of the office and not just the extensions in the office.

Furthermore, as call recording vendors are generally not able to record mobile phone calls, we have developed various solutions to suit specific customers’ needs by being compatible with their specific communication environment.

Our solutions enable companies to record office and mobile calls of their staff all in one platform.

Cloud IP Telephony and Contact Centre Solutions

Cloud IP telephony solutions add flexibility while eliminating the upfront investment and provide 99.98% guaranteed uptime. Furthermore, it provides easy add on communication solutions including: Contact Centre, IVR, Dialer, Wallboards, Recording & QM delivering high level, future ready developments which are available on premises, or in the cloud.

  • IP Telephony simultaneously available on users’ desk phone, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Uses global IT networks to seamlessly connect to companies’ branches and it also connects staff wherever they are worldwide
  • Advanced features including chats, presence, video calls and conferencing, screen share, file transfer and much more
  • Cloud Contact Centre
  • Google next-generation AI powered Bots
  • Speech Analytics, transcription and translation for 120 languages. In addition, there are no setup or license fees
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Realtime Performance Management 

VirtlX offers you the three pillars of performance management in a single platform, to help you change your internal and external communications, giving you the knowledge to improve every aspect of your business.

Strengthen security – With patented anti-replay tech and a passwordless approach that stops phishing and credential stuffing bots in their tracks, enjoy security and a login experience so simple users don’t want to work around it. 

Reduce costs – Free your teams from the tyranny and expense of password resets, high-maintenance hardware tokens and time-consuming user training. Plus, with zero password reset calls, your help desk is about to save serious money.

Increase productivity – With 177% more successful logins, users become more productive. With a streamlined, secure user experience that people love, you can reduce the costs of onboarding and training of users to follow ineffective and outdated password policies.

SURFLY Co-Browsing

Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Easy to add co-browsing with built in video and chat, or you can integrate with your existing chat, Video, or Chatbots. Connect with your customers in real-time
  • Guide your customers through your website and draw on their computer screen, to highlight key items
  • Share documents securely
  • There is no code or modification to your website required, or software for your customers to download
  • Co-browsing has never been so fast, so safe and so secure
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Upgrade your customer contacts to improve your customer experience, while amazing your website visitors with an in-person co-browsing experience. There is nothing to download and agents don’t access, or control the customers computers. Surfly meets 100% of security requirements and regulations, plus guarantees protection of your information. You only see the website, nothing else. Moreover, Surfly’s co-browsing solution enables companies to create more personal engagements with their customers. So, it leads to an improved online customer experience. Furthermore, it improves customer support and delivers greater sales results.

PHONEXIA Voice Verification

Phonexia offers a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge speech recognition and voice biometrics technologies ready to meet any commercial and governmental scenarios. Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, acoustics, phonetics, and voice biometrics science, Phonexia products are extremely accurate, fast, and scalable. Therefore, Phonexia is ready to meet commercial and government usage scenarios. Phonexia’s AI-powered solutions, enable you to verify a speaker’s identity based on speech biometrics, transcribe speech to text, and search for speakers and context within large amounts of audio.

  • Verify a caller’s identity based on voice biometrics, for faster customer identification, fraud elimination and improved customer satisfaction
  • Used in over 60 countries
  • Rapidly verify callers from their natural dialogue, in only 3 seconds of natural conversation
  • No need to train your customers to use a set verification script and go through lengthy set up processes
  • Live demo available on request
Two and half Minute Demo Video

AKOMA WhatsApp Contact Centre Integration

More and more of your customers are choosing WhatsApp as their preferred method of communication. Position your business ahead of your competitors by adding WhatsApp, as a channel to your Contact Centre. Thereby adding to your customers convenience and improve their customer experience. Moreover, by diverting contacts from expensive live calls to Akoma WhatsApp, you reduce your operational costs. Furthermore, freeing your human agents, to handle the most complex and important calls. Use WhatsApp Business API to send notifications, improve customer service and encourage self-service with our automated chat bots and to boost your business efficiency. Furthermore, Akoma self-service has an instant secure and easy-to-use integration method for your backend systems.

  • Communicate with your customers through their channel of choice – WhatsApp
  • Branded and verified WhatsApp sender ID of your company
  • Make customer interactions easier. Moreover, increase conversion rates
  • Send and receive messages with choice of priority levels
  • Get full statistics on your customer integrations
  • Integrated with all major contact centre platforms
  • Automated AI powered chat bots and customer journey self service
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VOOST Wifi Analytics

Wifi Analytics, customer location tracking and marketing messaging, for shopping malls, airports, hospitality, transport hubs and public places. Voost Wifi analytics combines branded Wifi for your visitors, with location based marketing and Customer journey tracking. Moreover, with VOOST you can see exactly who your most loyal customers are. Furthermore, VOOST analysis will help you understand the performance trends across your entire portfolio.

  • Enhance your customers’ experience with secure internet and branded Wifi. Furthermore, VOOST works on top of all leading wifi platforms, including Cisco, Meraki, Extreme and Aruba.
  • Marketing messages are sent to all, or just repeat visitors, based on their movement through and their location in the building.
  • Visitors heat map.
  • Improve security and identify points of congestion in real-time.
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Employee Monitoring Solutions: Manage employee productivity by monitoring their computer and smart phone activities whether in or out of the office.

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